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About Us

In 1995, 6 Taft-Hartley Benefit Funds banded together to negotiate discounts with providers that would otherwise have been unattainable by any single fund on its own. Today, this voluntary organization is known as the Delaware Valley Health Care Coalition, Inc. (DVHCC). The DVHCC is a non-profit voluntary association comprised of multi-employer trust funds, labor unions, employee health benefit organizations representing governmental entities, law enforcement, and emergency management service, as well as schools and school districts in over fourteen states and the District of Columbia.

The DVHCC is governed by its own members under the direction of the President and the Coalition’s officers. Today, the DVHCC consists of over 225 groups covering more than 3 millions lives and growing.

The DVHCC provides innovative quality health care products and services through deep discount mass purchasing while allowing each group to remain completely autonomous.

The DVHCC promotes research, collection of data, and legal review for the purpose of education, awareness and informational exchange.

The DVHCC provides access to all the information and resources you need to make informed, economical decisions.

The DVHCC provides access to the full RFP process and overall cost analysis on all health care products.

The DVHCC promotes progress towards safe, efficient, high-quality health care and improved health outcomes.


DVHCC Officers

President John Heenan,

Treasurer Michael Previtera, Fund Administrator, District Council 21

Executive Director Edward M. Fox, Fund Administrator, Building Laborers’ Local #310 Fringe Benefit Funds

Executive Director Jack Gaittens, Administrator, Law Enforcement Health Benefits


DVHCC Board of Directors

Robert Blumenfeld, Fund Manager, Trucking Employees of North Jersey Welfare Fund

Ed Fox, Fund Administrator, Building Laborers’ Local #310 Fringe Benefit Funds

Jack Gaittens, Administrator, Law Enforcement Health Benefits

John Heenan, Administrator, Operating Engineers #542 Funds

Samuel J. Kenish, Administrator, Teamsters Local #830 Health & Welfare, Pension Fund

Joseph Obuchowicz, Administrator, Eastern Atlantic States Carpenters Benefit Funds

Alan Parham, Administrator, Laborers District Council Construction Industry, Laborers District Council Heavy & Highway Fund, Laborers District Council Building & Construction Health & Welfare

Michael Previtera, Fund Administrator, District Council 21

Regina C. Reardon, Administrator, UFCW Local #1776 Participating Employers Health & Welfare Fund, UFCW of Central PA, UFCW of Northeastern PA

Robert Winther, Administrator, Steamfitters Local #420


Director of Organizing Jim Manion Jr. 

Executive Assistant to the President Karen Cassel,

Administrative Assistant Leigh Anna Knappick,

Ohio Organizer Thomas M. Riley,