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KTP Advisors


The DVHCC has selected KTP Advisors™ (KTP) as it’s exclusive vendor for retiree health benefit products and services. KTP is a specialty advisory firm in the areas of retiree health benefits.  Founded in 2002 as Retiree Benefit Solutions©, KTP has helped private and public sector clients maximize the efficiency of their health care expenditures.  Our focus helps us provide insights and solutions often overlooked by less specialized human resource professionals and benefits advisors.  The firm’s clients include Taft-Hartley funds, municipalities, and other large employers.

KTP’s available products and services for each DVHCC Member Fund (“Member”) include:

  • Review of all of Member’s existing retiree health plans.
  • Understand Member’s goals and objectives related to its retiree health plans.
  • Recommend plan changes, as appropriate, to meet those goals and objectives. 
  • Develop short-term and long-term strategies for Member’s Plans.
  • Review Member’s funding methodology and contribution structure for plans.
  • Initiate, manage and complete Requests For Proposals (“RFP” or “RFPs”) on behalf of Member as required to secure retiree health benefit plans and administrative services.
  • Ensure competitive bidding processes with multiple vendors (when available and as appropriate, based on KTP’s business experience).
  • Advise on the selection of winning RFP bidders.
  • Undertake overall vendor management (carriers, health plans, PBMs, TPAs, etc.) and oversight for plans.
  • Seek risk avoidance, transfer or removal techniques to shield Member’s balance sheet as appropriate.
  • Provide guidance on regulatory and accounting matters related to plans (but not legal advice).
  • Review and negotiate related contracts for plans on behalf of Member.
  • Manage implementation for plans.
  • Evaluate and negotiate renewal terms and rates for plans.
  • Present updates to Member’s management team on a periodic basis and as reasonably requested.
  • Generally advise Member on all financial aspects of the plans.


KTP’s professionals combine expertise in retiree health benefits, finance, and risk management with an acute understanding of the environment in which our clients operate.  KTP leverages this experience and insight to help clients manage their benefit plans as efficiently as possible in order to keep the promises they have made to their retirees.  KTP enables vital promises to be kept.

More information can be found on the KTP homepage.

Nicole Allen, Vice President of Client Services