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What is the Delaware Valley Health Care Coalition, Inc.?

The Delaware Valley Health Care Coalition, Inc. (DVHCC) is a non-profit voluntary association of health benefit plans established for the purpose of providing the highest quality health care products and services at reduced prices through deep discount mass purchasing. We are currently the largest coalition in the nation representing Taft-Hartley funds, municipalities, governmental entities, and school districts. Members remain completely autonomous, using and implementing any or all of our available products and services at their sole discretion.


What are the primary objectives of the Coalition?

The DVHCC is committed to ensuring quality health care while leveraging our mass purchasing power to control and reduce health care costs.
The DVHCC supports the advancement of innovative, improved health care delivery systems for Members, participants and, their beneficiaries.
Additionally, the DVHCC promotes research, collection of data, and legal review for the purpose of education, awareness, and informational exchange.


How does the DVHCC meet its primary objectives to benefit members?

By joining together as a large group to negotiate with health care providers, members of the DVHCC are afforded discounts beyond what each individual group is capable of achieving on its own.
By raising awareness of the need for improvements in health care delivery systems, the DVHCC promotes health care reform in order to enhance the quality of living for its Members.
DVHCC Members are essential participants in an innovative and dynamic health care purchasing collective. By addressing mutual concerns, Members help one another to overcome industry challenges, generate demand for reform, and make cost-effective decisions.


Where are members of the Coalition?

Currently, the DVHCC consists of over 225 Members, covering 3 million plus participants, in over twelve states and the District of Columbia. We are the nation’s largest and fastest-growing labor-oriented health care coalition.



How is the Coalition funded?

As a non-profit corporate entity, the DVHCC is funded through three sources: a one-time initiation fee of $500, annual membership dues of $250, and product utilization fees.



How is the Coalition governed?

The Coalition is democratically governed by its Members and Board of Directors. We are dedicated to keeping Members informed and providing our Members with the opportunity to meet, converse, and have a voice at our Membership meetings held three times a year.



How does the DVHCC reduce the price of services?

This is done by obtaining provider discounts in return for volume. As in purchasing many other commodities, the more you buy, the greater the discount you are able to achieve. Being the largest coalition of its kind in the United States, the DVHCC secures not only reduced costs but improved access to services and increased satisfaction of plan participants.



Does a Member lose autonomy by joining DVHCC?

No. Members are free to use or not use any product the Coalition offers. Should a member opt to use a product, the provider will tailor this product to comply with the individual Member’s guidelines. No loss of autonomy will occur.



How do I join the Delaware Valley Health Care Coalition, Inc.?

You may begin the simple process of joining the DVHCC by filling out a Membership Application. Click this link to download the application in Microsoft Word or PDF format and submit via mail, fax, or e-mail. Applications for membership or renewal of membership are subject to approval by the DVHCC Board of Directors and contingent upon receipt of a check for seven hundred fifty dollars ($750.00) – representing the one-time initiation fee of five hundred dollars ($500.00) and the first year’s annual dues payment of two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00).
Becoming a Member does not lock you into any long-term contractual commitments or obligations to use our products. Rather, membership connects you to a network of invaluable resources and access to significant savings on products and services.



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