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Together, BeneCard PBF and the DVHCC are providing the finest in prescription benefit services to Coalition Members. With a rich history of serving organized labor, BeneCard PBF and the DVHCC understand what is important to clients for patient health, as well as member and client service.

For plans looking to reduce cost and improve care, BeneCard PBF offers an alternative to traditional models.

Lowest Net Cost and Transparency

BeneCard PBF clients benefit from a pricing model that offers 100% visibility into how your dollars are being spent for the prescription benefit. The BeneCard PBF pricing model passes through 100% of all contract pricing, including:

  • Actual net acquisition cost at mail and specialty pharmacies
  • Actual retail network contract pricing
  • Rebates for all channels
  • Contract Pricing over-performance
  • Retail Pharmacy audit recoveries

Promoting Improved Health and Productivity  – View PDF

BeneCard PBF’s transparent business model performs on a customized claim processing system offering unlimited capability and flexibility to respond to client needs in an evolving marketplace. The proprietary BeneCard PBF system:

  • Combines pharmacy data with medical data to help educate members and their pharmacists. 
  • Identifies health risks and manages drug choices at the pharmacy counter, resulting in positive health outcomes and reduced costs. 
  • A team of skilled clinical pharmacists works with clients to identify advanced clinical programs that complements our real-time data integration.

Reducing Cost and Improving Care for Members and their Families – View PDF

Almost 55% of employers, health plans and other plan sponsors identified the overall cost of specialty medications as their top concern. With the growing complexity and need for specialty medications, BeneCard PBF offers a Specialty Care Management Program that provides a customized, personal approach to specialty management.

In response to the increasing cost of specialty medications BeneCard PBF:

  • Passes through our Actual Acquisition Cost
  • Provides support from clinical pharmacists to manage all disease states and perform member outreach to educate members, minimize waste and maximize member adherence.

Supporting Members and Clients – View PDF

The BeneCard PBF Team is passionate about serving clients and members. We understand what is important to you and your members. Together, we will work to improve member wellness and support your strategic financial and member health goals.

The mission of BeneCard PBF is to improve patient health by aligning the mutual interests of payers, pharmacies and providers. For more information, please contact the BeneCard PBF Sales Team:

Patrick Smith

(812) 340-1607