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Call A Doctor Plus

The DVHCC chose Call A Doctor Plus as its sole telemedicine service provider because they do the necessary work to guarantee unions, union funds, municipalities, public schools, and their members and employees, significant health care savings. Call A Doctor Plus provides $0 copay access to the Teladoc doctor network. Teladoc enables members with 24/7 access to PCPs and pediatricians in your state who consult, diagnose, and prescribe for common medical conditions. Consultations are by phone or video chat and are HIPAA compliant and secure.

Telemedicine consultations routinely replace medical visits that otherwise would have generated PCP, Urgent Care or ER visits and claims to the fund. The American Medical Association suggests that 78% of all PCP office visits could be handled by a phone call or video consultation, and; studies indicate that nearly 60% of ER visits are not emergencies, only people having no other option to secure medical care. Consequently, the opportunity to save with a highly utilization telemedicine service is substantial.

Service Highlights:

  • 24/7/365 unlimited access to Teladoc Medical Doctors; $0 co-pay, no deductible model for members and their families
  • Consultations are available by phone or video or the Teladoc mobile app; the average wait for a doctor to call you back is 10 minutes
  • Doctors are US trained, US board certified and licensed in your state
  • English and Spanish and LanguageLine Solutions for 200 additional languages
  • Service platform is HIPAA compliant and secure
  • Doctors have user’s basic health information and send consultation reports to user’s PCP or pediatrician with member permission
  • 91% of consultations require no follow-up; member satisfaction is 95%
  • Call A Doctor Plus guarantees high levels of utilization far above the industry standard, that assure savings/no financial risk
  • DVHCC negotiated discounted pricing for its membership
  • All DVHCC members receive on site visits to help members activate their accounts, answer questions, and promote the service. Members also receive key chain fobs, fridge magnets, custom marketing materials, and a personal account success manager to ensure the program is successful
  • Call a Doctor plus also provides its clients with the ability to opt into any of the add on services Teladoc offers such as: Expert Medical Opinions and Second Opinions, Behavioral Health, Dermatology, Neck and Back Care, Nutrition, Sexual Health, Tobacco Cessation, , Critical Case Support, Mental Health Navigator, and more.


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