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Express Scripts Inc.

The Nation’s largest labor coalition, the Delaware Valley Health Care Coalition (DVHCC),  currently contracts with Express Scripts Inc. (ESI), the world’s largest Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) to provide pharmacy benefit services to DVHCC Member Funds.

Partner with a Recognized Leader:

Express Scripts manages more than a billion prescriptions each year for tens of millions of Americans.  ESI brings nearly 30 years of innovation to the DVHCC and an industry-leading approach to help individuals make better decisions that lead to healthier outcomes. Using insights from the Express Scripts Lab, ESI’s industry-leading solutions address four key decision areas for patients and their healthcare plan sponsors:

  • Better drug choices:  ESI facilitates the proper use, selection and amount of the safest, most cost-effective generics and preferred brands.
  • Better BENEFIT choices:  ESI optimizes  benefit designs for plan sponsors that help them achieve economic, clinical, administrative and strategic objectives.
  • Better pharmacy choices:  ESI helps patients and their providers choose the most cost-effective, highest-quality pharmacies.
  • Better health choices:   ESI systems increase the clinical effectiveness, safety and affordability of patient medications.

Through the DVHCC’s relationship with ESI, you can count on high quality service and sure-handed guidance.

Hundreds of labor funds nationwide choose Express Scripts:

ESI’s dedicated, experienced account teams support both labor and public sector clients. Express Scripts offers extensive management and clinical solutions designed for the unique needs of collectively bargained plans, helping to drive out waste and reduce trend.   Express Scripts employs more people that have the right to collectively bargained agreements than any other PBM.   Additionally, ESI supported labor in recent construction projects which were built 100% union.

Leveraging our combined purchasing power, the DVHCC and Express Scripts have negotiated a program that we believe will help you better manage your drug costs and provide the  insight necessary to make the right decisions for your plan and your members.

Prepare for your future today.  Learn how we can help you, your plan and your members.

For more information, please contact:

Paul J. Grew, MBA, RPh

Senior Director, National Labor Division

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  • Express Scripts PharmacySM – the convenience of home delivery for your most important medications with specialized care, free shipping and 29% average savings1 compared to a standard retail pharmacy copayment
  • Accredo – high-touch specialty pharmacy with 24/7 clinical support to treat the most complex conditions
  • Retail pharmacy networks – a range of options to increase plan savings while preserving member convenience


  • Total Adjusted Prescriptions: 1.478 Billion in 2013
  • Generic Fill Rate: 80.9%
  • Express Scripts Pharmacy Dispensing Accuracy: 99.99%
  • Employees: 30,000 | 24, Fortune 500